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January 15, 2015 at 2:58 PM

Video clip and full transcript of Kam Chancellor’s press conference on Thursday at the VMAC


Kam Chancellor met with the media on Thursday. He discussed “The leap,” the first time he met Earl Thomas, his preference for Family Guy, his days as a quarterback, Kenny Easley and other things.


Q:You tweeted after the game you wished you would have had a chance to talk to Kenny Easley. You’ve never talked to him?

KAM CHANCELLOR: No, I talked to him once. I talked to him in high school when I was dating his daughter like everyone knows now. Yeah, I talked to him one time at his house and he just gave me the rundown on what to expect in the league and come prepared, work hard, and work for everything you’re going to earn in this league.

Like you said, I wanted to see him after the game, wanted to shake his hand, and just wanted to hear from him. Just wanted to hear anything from him and get a picture with him, also.


Q: Have you gone back, have you gone back and watched film of him? Do you feel like you guys play similarly?

KAM CHANCELLOR: My first time watching film on him, I want to say it was last year. I might have got some film from upstairs, got it on my iPad, and just watched the type of things he brought to the game and how he played. I can see a lot of similarity, a lot of physicality, just going out there dominating, and you can’t do nothing but look up to a guy like that.


Q: How many times did you practice last week the leap over the line?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Just twice, yeah, just two times.


Q: How much did you hear from people like text messages from friends and stuff about that?

KAM CHANCELLOR: It hasn’t stopped yet. (Laughter.)


Q: Earl talked about the first time that you guys met, he said you were watching TV in the hotel and watching “Family Guy.” What were your impressions of him?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Yeah, I do. Yeah, he called me weird for watching “Family Guy.” I don’t know, I just like watching “Family Guy.” There’s a lot of humor to it. You’ve got to be a person with an open mind, though. You’ve got to have an open mind and like to hear jokes and stuff like that. I mean, it’s just a lot of humor in that show.


Q: Do you have to help Earl Thomas out with humor?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Yeah, you have to sometimes. He takes his job very serious, which he should. Sometimes you’ve got to loosen him up sometimes, show him how to have a little fun, a little dry humor.


Q: When you look at the Packers’ offense, when you see them on tape, are they as effective with Aaron Rodgers a little hobbly with that left calf, and do you see the danger that they can bring to the table?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I’m not really concerned on his hobbly or wobbly or calf, whatever. I’m concerned about Aaron Rodgers. If he’s in that game, no matter how he’s feeling, he’s still Aaron Rodgers. He’s capable of making plays, capable of getting the ball downfield, getting it to his receivers, just running their offense, so you’ve got to respect a guys like that. You can’t   no matter what’s wrong with him, you can’t just doubt him or say that it’s going to be a little different because he’s hobbly and wobbly.


Q: Earl said he didn’t believe   he doesn’t buy into the fact that Aaron Rodgers’ leg is injured.

KAM CHANCELLOR: And that’s the mentality you’ve got to have. You can’t go in expecting   you don’t want any surprises so just go in with that mentality, and you won’t be surprised.


Q: Are you looking forward to the challenge of going up against Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I think we’re just looking forward to this game, period, their receiving corps, the running backs, the quarterback, the O line, the special teams, we’re just a team that’s going out here this week, we’re going to have a good week of practice and we’re just going to get ready to play the NFC Championship.


Q: When you came out of Virginia Tech, did you ever have a doubt in your mind at all that where you are now you could be?

KAM CHANCELLOR: No, I never had any doubt. I play without doubt, I live without doubt. I always thought I could play in this league. I always thought I was capable of playing in this league, I just had to prove it day to day. That’s how I paid my dues, every day, proved it day to day.


Q: You didn’t play a ton on defense, mostly special teams. Was that kind of hard to have the patience to wait your turn?

KAM CHANCELLOR: It’s definitely hard when you’re not out there starting. You want to be out there making a play, you want to be the starter, you want to be the guy, but at the same time I was grateful for just having this opportunity and being on this team and being able to contribute to this team. So my chance was special teams, and at Virginia Tech we preached special teams, so it was one thing I loved. I loved just going out there and showing my physicality, showing that I can move around, showing that I can block, I can cover, and just different things like that on special teams. If you can play special teams in this league, I think you can play anything.


Q: Pete Carroll talked about that year, kind of what you got out of working with Lawyer Milloy and watching him and learning from him. How helpful was that for you?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I think Lawyer did a big part of showing me how to be a leader, how to lead the team. You know, and also the aggressiveness he brought to the game, the intensity he brought to the game, and those things like that.


Q: Could you see then what Pete was trying to build, what he was doing, and when did you realize, okay, this is going to work?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Maybe the second year. Maybe the second year I would say I seen it. My second year starting I seen it. Well, my first year starting, my second year, first year starting. I seen it. I seen the group. We started in the back unit first. We started the LOB thing. We wanted to create that bond, that brotherhood, that playing for one another thing and the love for one another, and when we created that and seeing how powerful that was, we was like, oh, man, we need to get this around, and that’s when we started believing.


Q:Was there a point in the season where you felt you needed to do that?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Yeah, it was. The first   well, after we had our little altercation, we had our meeting, and then going into the Arizona game, I just felt like it was that time. It was the night before I prayed to the Lord, and it was my time. I think it was the time I had to get up and talk and say what was in my heart, talk about how we need to play out there and how we need to play for one another, and the guys understood that, and we ran with it.


Q: How comfortable have you become with that role?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I’m still not comfortable with it. Still not comfortable with it, but when my heart says I need to speak, I just get up and speak.


Q: Earl was talking a lot about how you guys love each other, and you said he’s maybe a little tight. Do you think he’d be as effective as a unit, be as close as a unit if you weren’t all coming up around the same time?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I mean, that’s kind of hard to answer because you never know. I mean, anything can happen. But I mean, we’re just blessed to be together now. We’re blessed   God put us together for a reason, put us together for a reason. We’re blessed to play on this unit together, we’re blessed to lead, we’re blessed to be the individuals we are.


Q: Even as an entire secondary, Richard came up around the same time, as well.

KAM CHANCELLOR: I can’t understand what you’re saying.


Q: I just asked if you guys were closer because you’re all pretty much the same age, you came up around the same time.

KAM CHANCELLOR: So you’re saying is that why we’re closer, because we came up at the same time? I guess so. Yeah, I guess same age, come from kind of the same background, kinda sorta, around the same age. Me and Sherm were Aries. A little bit, I guess, so…


Q: Do you ever sense fear in opponents? Do receivers ever say anything to you?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I never sense fear. I sense respect. I never sense fear. I wouldn’t call it fear. These are grown men. I call it respect.


Q: I know you’ve always downplayed your injuries, but was it frustrating early in the season when people show plays and see you there and things like that?

KAM CHANCELLOR: It was bothering. It was definitely bothering. But I was grateful. I’m grateful for how I felt at the beginning of the season. I mean, it just wasn’t my time to feel like I feel now. I mean, I think me going through the gauntlet, going through the whole process of just battling the injuries all year long, fighting and fighting, taking two weeks off and still fighting, how can I say, just glory to God, man. That’s all I can say.


Q: You guys have been asked time and time again about the 12th man advantage. How happy are you that you have the NFC title game in Seattle, not Green Bay?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Man, we owe it to the 12s, man. Any time we get the home games, especially the NFC Championship at home, and we get to play in front of the 12s, it’s exciting. It’s exciting for us, exciting for them, and I think we deserve it and they deserve it, as well.


Q: You’ve gotten an interception in each of your last three postseason games. I think you’re averaging 10 or so tackles in the playoffs. Is there anything to these postseason games that kind of gets you up?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Just a little healthier. I always get healthier around the end of the year. The past seasons I always had surgery, had ankle surgery at the beginning of the season, hip surgery, and I just had to battle and get through and keep pushing and pushing and get being stronger and better, getting more flexible, getting my range of motion back, and capitalizing on it, and right now I feel real healthy, just really good.


Q: Earl said that that Pete put you and him together in that room for a reason down the road. What was that like, that first few weeks when you guys were sharing a hotel room together, because you’re pretty different. When did it kind of click for you guys or did it not click right away?

KAM CHANCELLOR: It actually clicked day one. Day one, we started talking, we just became good friends day one, and from him calling me   I guess it was us being honest with each other, from him saying weird from “Family Guy,” him being uptight, we were just being honest with each other, and it just came a long way. I guess if you be honest with a person long enough, you begin to gain a certain respect from the person, and I guess that’s when the love comes into play, and you just become   the bond just becomes so strong.


Q: What kind of quarterback were you, and was there a disappointment there, and how did that influence the kind of player that you are now?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I would say I was a pro style quarterback, pro style quarterback in high school, and what was the second part of the question?


Q: Were you disappointed that you couldn’t  

KAM CHANCELLOR: Oh, I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed at all because that’s when I seen Sean Taylor. That’s when I seen Sean Taylor. I seen a big safety and another guy who capitalized on his size at that position, and I said, hold on, I think I can be this guy. Let me try to be this guy, and that’s who I tried to emulate my game after.


Q: And the other thing was just understand the mentality, even at that level, has it helped you with the position now?

KAM CHANCELLOR: I think every position I played all my life has helped me with playing strong safety right now, whether it’s being a running back, whether it’s playing quarterback, just being able to read offenses, understanding how they want to attack you sometimes, understanding how the quarterback wants to do his progression on his plays. Just understanding just everything from an offensive standpoint. I think playing quarterback helped me with that, and playing corner helped me with just moving around, footwork drills, man to man. I think everything just helped me with playing strong safety now.


Q: How does the mindset or strategy change when you guys take the field in the second half as opposed to the first half, the whole closing, fourth quarter kind of aspect in mind?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Second half I think it just goes to the finish. My mindset just says finish, finish, and one quote we always say here, one thing we always say here, is the closer you get, the harder you run. So the closer it gets to that zero, the harder you run, the harder you go, and you keep doing it until it says zero.


Q: When you got close to the end zone, were you running harder or were you running out of gas a little bit?

KAM CHANCELLOR: No, I actually slowed down a little bit. (Laughter.)


Q: You talked a lot about your relationship with Earl and how that’s grown. How does that play out on the field between the two of you guys? You guys are not only different off the field, you guys are different styles on the field. How does that work out?

KAM CHANCELLOR: We understand each other. We understand each other on the field. We understand each other’s responsibility on the field. We understand where we’re supposed to be, and we try to funnel the ball to one another. We always talk about how we want to just run around all game, just run, just run, just run, and whatever leverage you’re on, I’m on your opposite leverage, so if you miss, I’m going to make it up on the other leverage. So I think that that communication, that understanding, just knowing where we’re going to be, where each other is going to be and what we’re going to do, it just helps us out a lot.


Q: When you guys are playing at home, how does that affect your communication on defense?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Not at all. It’s kind of hard to get the corner called that’s on the opposite side of the field. That’s probably the hardest thing, but other than that it’s hand signals. It’s hand signals. We do a lot of   if you guy is close enough, you can yell it to him, but it’s not that bad.


Q: How did you and Earl ultimately decide what to watch?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Most of the time he’d either be asleep or on his phone, so I watched “Family Guy” as much as I want.


Q: When did you start doing the hand thing when you celebrate?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Was it two years ago? I want to say like two years ago I started doing it.


Q: Where did that come from? What’s the genesis of it?

KAM CHANCELLOR: It’s my bam bam gavel. The chaplain here, Carl, he calls me The Commissioner, so this is what you hit when the court is in session. They hit it with the gavel. It’s the bam bam gavel.


Q: Do you have an actually gavel that says bam bam?

KAM CHANCELLOR: Yeah, you pull it out right there, and he do it like that. You seen it? Did you catch it? (Laughter.)




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