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The Seattle Sketcher

An illustrated journal of life in the Puget Sound region by Times artist Gabriel Campanario.

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January 30, 2015 at 7:42 PM

A playground that lifts a neighborhood


Stephanie Bower holds back tears as she reads a recent letter from Claire Barnett. Barnett’s daughters, Coriander and Blake, were traveling with their dad, David Clemetson, and stepmom, Carolyn Clemetson, when Alaska Airlines 261 crashed in 2000.


Sketched Jan. 28, 2015

It’s been 15 years, but Queen Anne resident Stephanie Bower hasn’t forgotten about her neighbors, the Pearsons and the Clemetsons. The two families — four adults and six children in total — were among 88 people, most with Seattle-area ties, whose lives were cut short when Seattle-bound Alaska Airlines Flight 261 crashed off the coast near Los Angeles on Jan. 31, 2000.


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July 26, 2013 at 6:43 PM

A mini-Seafair air show at ‘Lake Weaver’

Sketched July 18, 2013 It’s like a miniature Seafair air show. At speeds ranging from 30 to 50 mph, little radio-controlled floatplanes loop and twist over Lake Washington. They are piloted by about a dozen hobbyists standing on the Ferdinand Street Boat Launch near Seward Park. Boeing retiree Dick Weaver, the man squinting to see the…



November 2, 2012 at 9:27 PM

‘Tis the season for urban logging

Sketched Oct. 24, 2012 [Click on sketches to view larger versions] Seattle arborist Jean-Luc Bengle sports long dreadlocks that swing in the air as he chainsaws a 110-foot Douglas fir growing dangerously close to two houses. Bengle spent about three hours perched in that tree. On the way to the top, he trimmed branch after branch,…



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