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July 20, 2013 at 6:46 PM

‘It’s good to have better play and to look like a better squad, but we have to win.’

Photo credit: Ellen M. Banner, The Seattle Times

Photo credit: Ellen M. Banner, The Seattle Times (full gallery here)

Here are some quotes and stats from Sounders FC’s 1-1 home tie Saturday against Colorado:

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SIGI SCHMID, Sounders FC head coach

(Opening statement…) “I’m proud of the fact that we came in, we battled, we fought. Obviously it was some different faces out there, but I was proud of that. I thought we played overall better than we played in San Jose last week, so there was a positive. Basically a lost assignment on the corner. The goalkeeper came fishing, as well, but we completely lost a man we were marking so he ends up heading the ball in. One mistake and they score. It was good to see us come back and equalize the game. We’re not a team that generally humps it and dumps it in, but that’s what we were sort of at at the end. Maybe we could have played that a little bit better if we train that more, but we don’t train that a lot because we don’t expect to play that way very often. [Eriq] Zavaleta had a header in that series. We were close, but sometimes (there are) too many guys rushing in and not covering the top of the 18, as well. I’m pleased that we tried to win. We made the substitution that took out a midfielder and went with another forward, let DeAndre [Yedlin] run the whole line and tried to get the victory here at home.”

(On the play of Yedlin…) “I thought he was better today. I thought he struggled a little bit the last time out, but I thought today it was better. It looked more like the DeAndre that was playing for us at the beginning of the year—using his quickness and speed getting in there, making things happen.”

(On Yedlin’s goal…) “He had the shot. He had the opportunities. He scored a goal in the Champions League that was a pretty good goal, so he should have confidence in that. The main thing that he did well is he stayed with the play. The ball came back out for the header, he stayed with the header and scored.”

(On the play of Mauro Rosales…) “I thought Mauro was good today in the first half and I thought he played with a lot of energy and some things came off of it. He had a couple of good crosses, a couple I know he’d like to hit better. I think his final passes—he put Oba [Martins] through on that one that Oba cut inside and missed on. He could have had an assist on that, obviously, if Oba scored. I thought today was a better game for him.”

(On players potentially returning from injuries this week…) “We’ll have to see how things go this week. We think Djimi Traore should be able to be back this week. We think [Brad] Evans should be able to be considered for the starting lineup next week, so that should help us. I don’t know about our goalkeeping situation if much is going to change there, and we’ll have to see about the others.”

(On the play of Andrew Weber…) “It was OK. … I thought he did really well on the one where he came outside the box and headed it clear. He made a good decision there. I thought he was OK. He wasn’t really tested a lot, but made his decisions well. On the corner, I think he could have played it a little better, for sure.”

(On the strategy in midfield…) “We just wanted to make sure that we packed our midfield a little bit and made it a little harder to play through midfield. The possession they had was basically deep in their end of the field, I don’t think they had a lot of possession in our end of the field attacking-wise. It forced them to look for balls to Atiba Harris’ head, more posting up or trying to flick-on, trying to get Deshorn Brown in and so forth. I thought we did a pretty good job of packing the midfield.”

(On the play of Osvaldo Alonso…) “I thought Ozzie played well. I think a couple of shots he’d like to have back and take again and hit those a little bit better. Ozzie helps us in the midfield, for sure.”

(On the play of Marc Burch…) “He was better today than the last game. I didn’t think he looked comfortable on the left at all in the last game. I thought this game he was more aggressive, the early run he made where he got the ball in behind, he got himself into attacking crossing positions three or four times, which when you look back on the San Jose game, he didn’t. Maybe with more games, and with injuries we might have to play him more games there, he can be more aggressive.”

(On Burch’s free kicks…) “The one in the second half was really good, the one he bent in and Lamar headed it wide. If he gets a little more of a flick touch on that that becomes a goal. Obviously that’s something he can add to our team when he’s on the field.”

(On the outside players coming forward…) “We tried to have both our outside backs push forward more today. DeAndre [Yedlin], obviously, got opportunities and ended up with a goal, but also we wanted to get Leo [Gonzalez] forward, as well.”

(On coming back for the first point after giving up the first goal…) “It’s good that we showed the character to come back after going down 1-0, but we also had the feeling whole time that we were a little bit the better team and we wanted to get a win today.”

(On the results so far after saying July was supposed to be a big month…) “It’s disappointing, but you have to just roll up your sleeves and keep working. It’s the same old thing—glass is half full, glass is half empty, you can be negative and positive, statistics can support positive things, statistics can support negative things, and they’re actually the same stats and you’re looking at the same thing. We have to keep working. We know where we’re. We’re still trying to get our best 11 on the field at the same time and get them to work together and hopefully each day at practice we can get that a little more, and as guys return from injuries we can get closer to that.”

(On the play of the Rapids…) “I thought Colorado was trying to slow down the game from the very beginning of the game. That was something we were saying to the referee because they played on Wednesday and so I think they tried to take the air out of the balloon. … The referees I don’t think recognized that soon enough or early enough and encouraged them to play a little quicker. They were very content coming in here either steal a win or walking out of here with a tie. I think that was their objective today and it’s the strategy that their coach sent to them based upon them playing Wednesday and they got their point.”

(On the game snapping a seven-match winning streak against the Rapids…) “Yeah, that’s something you don’t worry about. Those are past games and you’re only as good as your last game.”

MAURO ROSALES, Sounders FC midfielder and captain

(On looking frustrated when being subbed out…) “I didn’t expect it. I have to respect the decision of the coach. I was feeling very good in the game and my time was over early. It was just because I don’t want it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the coach’s decision.”

(How have you felt about your own play?) “I feel OK, just like to get confidence again. When you are (trying to get) confidence, sometimes you need more minutes … and I’m not getting that. I have to work and try to do what I have to do in the minutes that I get.”

(And you feel healthy and fit?) “Yeah, very good. I think I have to keep going every time, but sometimes obviously the coaches are looking for another thing in the field. They see much better than us and they expect to do the best for the team. This is a why I have to respect everything.”

(How do you feel about your interplay with Yedlin?) “Good. We didn’t have too many games to do it. He was out for the (FIFA U-20 World Cup) and the games we’ve had, we did pretty well. You keep the rhythm with players and everything whenever you have minutes in games, not training. Training doesn’t help so much; we need it in games. We are getting it enough and probably next year it’ll be better than it is now.”

(On being judged on assists but not being able to control the finishing…) “I can’t control the other side. I just have to keep working and give more passes to the guys to score. It’s going to be much better for me, but it doesn’t mean the work we’re doing, even if it finishes in a bad way, isn’t good. It is good, but we have to keep going, also, and trying to score more goals, trying to give the players more situations offensively and try to make more goals and getting assists. Sometimes it is what it is. I have to keep working and keep doing what I have to do.”

(How do you feel about the team’s position right now?) “I think we have many games in hand. Also, the team is prepared to finish the second part. It’s a long way. We have many games ahead of us. We still are in a good position. We have to keep going and try to get points as soon as we (can). When we play here also we have to get points. Today we get one – obviously we wanted three points today — but we’re just looking for the next game and trying to get three points. Obviously, try as soon as we can to be in the playoff position.”

SERVANDO CARRASCO, Sounders FC midfielder

(On balancing improved performance with a disappointing result…) “We’re always looking for results, but I thought today was much better. We created more chances and we had 17 total shots, seven on frame, so we were more dangerous. But we have to be a little more clinical in the box. We made a mistake on the set piece that they scored on us, and we have to address that. We have to make that change, because a guy gets subbed in, we switch marks, and a guy that we didn’t switch to ends up scoring the goal. It’s just those little details that determine the result at the end of the day.”

(On allowing another set piece goal after a pretty strong defensive effort…) “It’s frustrating because we hold ourselves to a high standard in terms of defending set pieces, and historically we’ve done a good job of that. This year for some reason they get that yard, they get that bump or that post-up, and they end getting the goal that ties up the game. But at the same time, I think we responded well to going down a goal. It was a good run by Lamar, hits the post and DeAndre is there to follow it up. There are still positives.”

(How big was DeAndre’s goal and salvaging a tie?) “It was big. A tie is a tie. We get a point at home. Before this we wanted to get nine points at home and now we have to be satisfied with getting seven the next three games. That’s the only thing we’re focusing on. In order to get seven, we have to get three the next game against Chivas and then three against Dallas, but it was good to fight back from being down a goal. It shows the character of this team. We’re not going to go down until we put a good fight, and that’s what we did today. Credit to DeAndre for a good goal.”

(Did it feel like a bounce-back game for him?) “Yeah, I thought he was very good on both sides of the ball. The matchup we knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to match him up with Atiba Harris and kind of dump balls high into his space, and I thought he responded really well to that. He’s a tremendous athlete and he got up for most of those headers and won most of those 50-50 balls. I thought today was a good bounce-back performance for him to get the goal, now he has to build on it.”

MARC BURCH, Sounders FC midfielder

(On balancing improved performance with a disappointing result…) “It’s good to have better play and to look like a better squad, but we have to win. We didn’t lose, but we need three points when we’re at home. That’s what we expect. All we can do is move onto the next one and get three next week.”

(Did it feel like the breaks weren’t going your way?) “It felt like a soccer game. It’s up and down all the time. It felt like we should’ve put or two away in the first half, and if we do that, it’s a different game. But you let a team hang in there and a little miscommunication on their goal, and that happens. It’s good of the team to fight back and at least get a tie when you’re down.”

(Any consolation in getting first point after allowing the first goal?) “Not at all. We were looking at three points no matter what. Whoever scores first doesn’t matter in the score at the end of the day. The only thing we do is move forward and look to win games. That’s it.”

(How did you feel as a left mid?) “Felt better today, better than the last game. I thought I put some good free kicks in and felt like me and Leo meshed a little bit better. It’s tough to just hop into a game and be perfect the first time. I think I did a little bit better. If I get my number called next week, I’ll be ready, and hopefully it’ll be better than next week.”

(How did you feel about the move to left mid?) “We needed players against San Jose. We were down some men, so that was why I got the chance. Then we talked about the way I played. He said I needed to be more aggressive, more of a left mid than a left back playing left mid. I thought I brought a little more of that today. He thought I was better. The only thing I can do is move forward and do better from now.”

ANDREW WEBER, Sounders FC goalkeeper

(Thought on the game…) “It was fine. On the goal it was a bit of a mistiming. The wind caught it a bit and I just mistimed it, got my fingertips on it. I think we could’ve been tighter on marking, but again, that’s my ball. It drops inside the six behind me. I think I just need to adjust my footwork a bit and watch it a little instead of trying to go get it. I’m trying to play it right, but we fought back and got a goal, so it was good.”

(On getting a tie not a win?) “Do we want three? Yeah, we want three. Do we need there? You could say we need three. But we can get seven out of nine, and we’re still sitting in a  good position again. Obviously we wanted the nine points and we got the one here. We’ll focus on next week, hopefully get the three, and then we’ll go on from there.”

(Did you feel comfortable in your first MLS start in over a year?) “It’s comfortable. I stepped in the game and was very comfortable playing behind the guys. We were all in tune. I thought we did great defensively. I thought we did great. Guys were getting in on tackles. Everybody fought. The game was great. It was very one-sided I thought, especially in the first 25 minutes we were all over them. I think we have to bury some of those chances and we’re sitting in a better spot. Like I said, it’s easy to pick up and play. I’ve been playing all year. Goalkeeping is all the same. I felt fine.”

(On the equalizer…) “It was great. Pretty crazy. Lamar turns and you think Lamar is going to bury that, hits the post, then DeAndre shoots it and the keeper desperately makes a save — a good save on his part — but then he goes and finishes it with a header. It was exciting. We needed it. Tied up the game, so if you want to say it’s the play of the game, I would.”

(You think about going forward in the final minutes…) “Yeah, I think that’s sort of a sideline thing. If they want me to come forward and show my forward talent… I’m just kidding. No, I was more focused on what if they would’ve caught a quick counter. We had just DeAndre back there and I’m sure they were trying to catch us on it, so I was focused more on that at that point.”

DeANDRE YEDLIN, Sounders FC defender

(On scoring his first MLS goal…) “I thought the goal was good. It was a little bit lucky, I think, but it’s always good to get a goal. Performance wise, I thought I played all right. Probably could’ve done more to help the team win, but at the end of the day that’s all I’m trying to do. I thought it was an OK game.”

(Was this a bounce-back game for you?) “Yeah, definitely. I think I’ve been in a slump a little bit recently, so this game definitely gives me confidence, I think. The goal and the performance a little bit, but yeah, wish we could’ve got that one.”

(Feel like a loss?) “Definitely.”

(Do you notice the records you’re setting when it comes to being the youngest Sounder to do things?) “A little bit. I try not to pay attention to that stuff too much. It looks good when you look back on it at the end of your career, but right I’m just trying to push forward and do whatever I can to help the team win.”

(Did the All-Star Game nomination help confidence as you score in the next game?) “Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. I don’t know. It definitely makes you feel better about yourself, obviously, when people see you that highly. I don’t know. Can’t tell you.”

(On the better play after Colorado goal…) “We tried to press them a little bit, make them uncomfortable, especially at our home. It’s hard to play here; it’s the hardest place to play in the country. We tried to make them as uncomfortable as we could. They had a good goal. After that we picked up a little bit, tried to play a little bit better. We just need to play that way through the whole game.”

(On the importance of scoring in Seattle…) “Oh yeah, of course. This isn’t just my first professional place to play, it’s my home. I was born here, so it’s amazing to be in front of my family and these fans.”

(On hearing the crowd chant his name…) “It’s pretty incredible; it’s amazing.”

(On the homestand…) “I think it’s good to have these games at home because it’s amazing to play in front of these fans and it gives us a little extra boost to play. We all love playing here; it’s sold out every game which is incredible. They just keep having our backs.”

Oscar Pareja – Colorado Rapids Head Coach

(On coming out of Seattle with one point…) “Pretty important point for us, definitely. I think the team fought through the 90-plus minutes and I have to give the credit to the boys that make an effort to get a result. We could walk out with three points for sure and that’s a little of the frustration that we have, because I can sense that this group is ambitious now and they know they can win. But at the same time, we walk out with one point against Seattle and a tough atmosphere and I guess a good team as well, so we were happy.”

(On the importance of surviving the early rush from Seattle…) “It’s always like that when you face Seattle. You know they’re going to come at you. We wanted to control the ball, but the first 10-15 minutes, we couldn’t. But the team was solid in the back and trying to get control in the game and as I say, it’s been a tough past two weeks because the traveling and we played on Wednesday and I have to remark the effort that the boys made and our fitness coach and assistant Paul Caffrey. I thought they made remarkable work this week.”

(On what is making the difference in the defense over the past few games…) “The character, the desire. I think we are all on the same page. It seems like if Shane [O’Neill] is in the middle, if Shane is on the right for [Drew] Moor for [German] Mera who is coming in the games, everybody is on the same page. That connection is important.”

(On whether Shane O’Neill is on the right learning curve…) “Yeah, because it’s something that we have been pointing out on clearing the ball. When we clear it, we have to clear it hard. With him, it’s like that. We all learning from the mistakes, but I’m very happy with his performance.”

(On his reason for subbing German Mera in for Marvell Wynne…) “Marvell was getting tired at the end. He made a huge effort in the last game. We knew that we would have Marvell probably 65-70 minutes and bring in Mera … so it’s a natural change. Shane knows the position as a right back. We wanted to refresh in the middle.”

(On why he brought Edson Buddle into the game as a sub rather than a starter…) “Just trying to get some fresh legs on [for Atiba Harris] who played just 45 minutes in the past game. And Edson, we knew what he could give us, and I think he had an opportunity in the second half to give us the three points, so the plan worked well.”

(On what it means to the team to get a point in Seattle for the first time…) “It’s huge. We wanted the three points, because as I say, this group is becoming ambitious now. They know they can win and that experience and that personality that we have developed and cultured within the group is there. We’re happy with a point, but I see faces there that they knew we could get three, and that’s a big improvement.”

(On whether it was his plan to sub in Anthony Wallace…) “We’d react to that game at that moment because the game was asking that someone that can have feet in the left, who can work as well, naturally, and Wally can give us that in that zone. So that way we can move [Atiba] on the right and have more solidness when Gonzalez was coming out. So having two flank players that can come and work and at the same time have some feet, it was the intention. And as I say, Wally did a great job.”

(On whether the team was prepared for how aggressive Seattle would be on restarts and throw-ins…) “Yeah, yeah, we knew. Because the urgency – and I’m going to say this with all my respect because we have been in that position too – the inspiration to make the things happen at home and get the points, is there. And we knew that the team, that Seattle, is going to come with that attitude, and so it was for us to control it and just work the game out.”

Drew Moor – Colorado Rapids Defender

(On his second goal of the season…) “I think that I might have stolen that goal from Nick [LaBrocca].  I had a man-marking me on the previous corners and just before the goal nobody really marked me so on the next corner I stepped out of the box hoping that nobody would mark me.  I think that [Mauro] Rosales shifted over a little late and it was just a perfect ball from Nick [LaBrocca].  I think I actually beat the ball to the back of the net.”

(On the defensive improvement over the last few games…) “Well, first of all we got Shane [O’Neil] back and that was huge.  His record speaks for itself and when he is on the field we play with a lot of confidence.  I think we are just doing a better job of staying concentrated.  We all have to be on the same page which I think we have been.  We have a healthy competition between the back defenders and when you are training as hard as you can games become that much easier.”

(On your schedule getting lighter…) “I don’t think that it does get that much lighter.  We have been playing a lot of games, but we have the Galaxy and Salt Lake coming.  I think we only have one Eastern Conference game left.  It is really important to get points right now.  We have really been pushing for that the last couple of weeks.  This is where we can make things easier for us come September and October.  We have to be in playoff mode right now.”

(On Seattle’s goal…)  “We needed to clear the ball further.  I know that I had a couple of shots at the ball and we all just got into a mode where we were just trying to block shots instead of clearing the ball.  [DeAndre] Yedlin had a couple of chances at the ball and we were really pinned down for almost two minutes before the ball finally went in the goal.  We just need to clear it high and far and get up the field.  We can’t let ourselves get pinned down like that”

Nick LaBrocca – Colorado Rapids Midfielder

(On playing more aggressive on defense…)  “I am just trying to be aggressive.  I just keep looking for opportunities and taking them when I see them. We were just trying to mix it up so that we aren’t as predictable.  Maybe rush their decisions so that we make our lives in the back a little easier.  Try to make it so that they are having to play a 20 yard ball instead of a 10 or 15 yard ball.”

(On the condition of the field…)  “It was playing pretty fast.  Turf is already pretty fast and they wet it down here so that it becomes even faster.  I really enjoyed it.  [Sounders FC] does a great job taking care of everything around here and they just do it right.”

*     *     *


Scoring Summary:

COL – Drew Moor (Nick LaBrocca) 60′
SEA – DeAndre Yedlin 65′

Seattle Sounders FC – Andrew Weber, DeAndre Yedlin, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Zach Scott, Leo Gonzalez, Mauro Rosales (Brad Evans 71), Osvaldo Alonso, Servando Carrasco (Eriq Zavaleta 86), Marc Burch (David Estrada 76), Lamar Neagle, Obafemi Martins.

Substitutes Not Used: Doug Herrick, Patrick Ianni, Dylan Remick, Sammy Ochoa.

TOTAL SHOTS: 17 (Neagle 5); SHOTS ON GOAL: 7 (Neagle, Yedlin 2); FOULS: 10 (Alonso 3); OFFSIDE: 0; CORNER KICKS: 7 (Neagle 3); SAVES: 1 (Weber 1).

Colorado Rapids – Clint Irwin, Marvell Wynne (German Mera 66), Drew Moor, Shane O’Neill, Christopher Klute, Nick LaBrocca, Hendry Thomas, Dillon Powers (Edson Buddle 57), Nathan Sturgis, Atiba Harris, Deshorn Brown (Anthony Wallace 74).

Substitutes Not Used: Matt Pickens, Tony Cascio, Jaime Castrillon, Kevin Harbottle.

TOTAL SHOTS: 9 (Buddle, LaBrocca 2); SHOTS ON GOAL: 2 (Moor, Thomas 1); FOULS: 13 (Sturgis 5); OFFSIDE: 3 (Harris 2); CORNER KICKS: 6 (LaBrocca 5); SAVES: 5 (Irwin 5).

Misconduct Summary:

SEA – Zach Scott (caution) 42′
SEA – Servando Carrasco (caution) 43′
COL – Nathan Sturgis (caution) 83′

Referee: Ismail Elfath
Referee’s Assistants: George Ganser, Frank Anderson
4th Official: Daniel Radford
Attendance: 39,196
Time of Game: 1:50
Weather: Sunny and 66 degrees

All statistics contained in this box score are unofficial.


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