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May 22, 2014 at 12:38 PM

28 bands not to miss at Sasquatch! 2014

[do action=”brightcove-video” videoid=”3581462040001″/]

La Luz, who will play Sunday at Sasquatch!, doing their song “What Good Am I?” aboard the Big Wheel on Seattle’s waterfront. (For more original videos from Seattle acts playing Sasquatch! click here.)

Update: The festival has begun. Check out our Day 1 coverage here.

Every Memorial Day weekend, thousands of millennials make the pilgrimage to the Gorge in Central Washington for the Sasquatch! festival, the multigenre moneymaker which started in 2002 and has become our region’s most famous and biggest music event since, making a mogul out of founder Adam Zacks.



April 10, 2014 at 4:12 PM

All welcome at queer ‘Mo-Wave Festival | Concert preview

For the second consecutive year, ’Mo-Wave is upon us — the Capitol Hill music, dance and art festival with a punk edge that draws heavily on the five letters L, G, B, T and Q.

That’s Q for “queer,” a more inclusive word than “gay,” though organizers stress that any gender or orientation is welcome to attend.


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March 24, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Chimurenga Renaissance extends Dumi Maraire legacy | New recordings

ChimurengaChimurenga Renaissance, ‘Rize, Vadzimu Rize’ (Brick Lane Records)

Dumisani Maraire was one of Seattle’s legendary music figures, a Zimbabwean immigrant and master of Shona music who introduced it to Seattle and ergo the United States in the late ‘60s. Traditional Shona instruments include the marimba (wooden, hit with a mallet) and mbira (handheld, metal prongs thumbed).


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February 17, 2014 at 11:27 AM

Something pure about Miley Cyrus | Concert review

Miley Cyrus and her crew saunter downstage during "SMS (Bangerz)" at the Tacoma Dome on Sunday. (Photo by Lindsey Wasson / The Seattle Times)

Miley Cyrus and her crew saunter downstage during “SMS (Bangerz)” at the Tacoma Dome on Sunday. (Photos by Lindsey Wasson / The Seattle Times)

Miley Cyrus during her concert at the Tacoma Dome. (Photo by Lindsey Wasson / The Seattle Times)

“I would love to see you guys make out for this next song,” said Miley Cyrus Sunday at the Tacoma Dome, introducing “Adore You,” a vulnerable ballad off her smash album “Bangerz.”

Kissing broke out throughout the arena as the influential, 21-year-old pop star belted out the tune in her countryish alto. Cell phones waved like lighters in the crowd. It was a lovely moment.


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February 13, 2014 at 12:33 PM

Miley Cyrus’ tween to twerk act at Tacoma Dome |Concert preview

(John Shearer / The Associated Press)

Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards in August. She brings her “Bangerz” tour to the Tacoma Dome on Sunday, Feb. 16. (John Shearer / The Associated Press)

If you haven’t checked in with Miley Cyrus lately or at all, the 21-year-old singer/actor is on a crazy victory lap, riding high on the strength of her platinum-selling, rap-inflected album “Bangerz.” In 2013, her catalytic year: She owned an MTV awards show with sexy antics, loved legal weed in interviews, and started an ongoing streak of posing naked on magazine covers.

Miley Cyrus brings the “Bangerz” world tour to the Tacoma Dome on Sunday, Feb. 16, with Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira.

Cyrus’ success has seemed inevitable since birth — she’s the daughter of country-music star Billy Ray Cyrus — but her career has taken some iconoclastic zags.



January 17, 2014 at 11:59 AM

Damien Jurado’s ‘sounds of euphoric freedom’

(Mark Harrison / The Seattle Times)

(Mark Harrison / The Seattle Times)

Reinvention is the key word for Seattle songwriter Damien Jurado, 41 years old and on a hot streak with a new album, “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son,” his third in three years with Oregon producer/multi-instrumentalist Richard Swift.

In 18 years journeying into rock and folk music (Jurado is the godfather of our current folk boom), he has not shied away from weirdness. But this druggy, headphone record is his freakiest move to date.


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January 10, 2014 at 10:23 AM

‘It’s a girl!’ Childbirth | Concert preview

(Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)

Bree McKenna of TacocaT, left, Stacy Peck of Pony Time and Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt. (Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times)

Outside a tucked-away studio off Dexter Avenue, writer, musician and organizer Bree McKenna is talking about the hyperactive punk scene on Capitol Hill, where she is a fixture. One of her bands (TacocaT) is making a music video inside. But right now the story is her other band, Childbirth, the trio McKenna created with members of Pony Time and Chastity Belt. Their debut album “It’s a Girl!” came out last week.

Why choose Pony Time and Chastity Belt for a supergroup?


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December 13, 2013 at 12:59 PM

The Physics’ ‘Digital Wildlife’ is extra loose | New recordings

The Physics, ‘Digital Wildlife’ (self-released) “Digital Wildlife” is the fourth and best album from The Physics, an artful change of pace for Seattle’s beer-drinking, South End hip-hop crew. The collection is billed as a conceptual piece about analog and digital recording techniques. That doesn’t necessarily come through, but there is a different sound — rich reds…


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