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February 17, 2014 at 1:04 PM

Noah Gundersen takes the plunge | Concert review

Noah and Abby Gundersen at the Neptune Theatre Saturday.

Noah and Abby Gundersen at the Neptune Theatre Saturday.

Surrounded by hundreds of friends, family and fans, Noah Gundersen looked out onto the Neptune Theatre crowd Saturday night and admitted something few artists will ever say: When he was scuffling, Gundersen couldn’t help but feel jealousy for those who had made it before him.

It’s not a pretty feeling, but like Gundersen’s powerful full-length debut, “Ledges,” the emotion was hard-earned and real. And now, entirely irrelevant.

Gundersen, 24, celebrated the release of “Ledges” with an intense set in front of a packed house notable for its youth and ardor. From the moment Gundersen opened the show with the mostly a cappella “Poor Man’s Son,” the show took on the feeling of religious revival meeting.


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