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March 21, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Weirdos getting freaky in the deep end? ‘Steve Pool Comedy Showcase’ dives right in

Evangeline Spracklin.

Evangeline Spracklin.

The Steve Pool Comedy Showcase is a bit like the open swim at a public pool. You can never be sure what will happen. There’s always one guy with goggles on just hanging around the deep end and somebody’s hairy uncle might try a double off the high dive if he’s drunk enough.

The monthly comedy and variety show takes place at Vermillion on Capitol hill and features stand-up comedy, videos, sketches and improv skits. The event spotlights a mix of performers pushing the envelope with absurdly off-the-wall material. Sometimes they bomb, but mostly they deliver and it’s rewarding to watch a group of young performers willing to take that chance.

The lifeguard for this motley crew of comedy upstarts is Evangeline Spracklin, a 24-year-old budding comic who also serves as the evening’s host and MC. Spracklin’s written pieces for Jezebel, produced videos for the Seattle Opera and also served as a mentor at Reel Grrls.

The Steve Pool Comedy Showcase will be celebrating its one-year anniversary at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25 at Vermillion, 1508 11th Ave., Seattle; free.

Q/A with Evangeline Spracklin below.


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