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September 12, 2013 at 2:48 PM

Heatwarmer and La Luz in sync with Seattle weather | Concert review

(phone photo by Evan Smith)

(phone photo by Evan Smith)

“These guys sound like Nirvana backwards,” a guy said to me during Heatwarmer’s set Wednesday at Neumos.

He had a point, the way this band turns on a dime, changing keys and meters. But some of the crowd was singing along, which only goes to show how devoted a following this group has attracted.

Long a mainstay in the orbit of musicians that collect around the improvisatory Racer Sessions, Heatwarmer has been a favorite on the Seattle DIY scene.  On Wednesday, the synth-pop quintet celebrated the release of its self-titled debut and kicked off a national tour with a rollicking, well-attended show that also featured the eclectic pairing of avant-jazz duo Bad Luck with the washed out surf-rock of La Luz.


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