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April 21, 2014 at 2:07 PM

Blackberry Smoke lives up to its reputation at the Neptune | Concert review

Blackberry Smoke brought its unique country rock to the Neptune Theatre Friday.

Blackberry Smoke brought its unique country rock to the Neptune Theatre Friday.

It’s always a little awkward when big mainstream country acts get their enormous 12-piece touring bands to “rock out.” It feels artificial, perhaps because they are usually still in complete control.

How comforting, then, to see Blackberry Smoke at the Neptune Theatre on Friday. A down-and-dirty, five-piece band from Atlanta, Ga., that easily recalls Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC, Blackberry Smoke has a pretty big reputation to live up to as a live band after 14 years of relentless touring, and it was impressive to see how easily they wore that burden.


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April 18, 2014 at 1:13 PM

Blackberry Smoke fires up country rock tonight at the Neptune | Concert preview

Blackberry Smoke plays the Neptune Theatre Friday night.

Blackberry Smoke plays the Neptune Theatre Friday night.

Atlanta country rock band Blackberry Smoke has put out just three studio albums in 14 years on three different labels. That’s not usually a recipe for success — or staying power. But they’ve got both thanks to a reputation as relentless road warriors and a passionate fan base that extends to Europe.

It’s all part of doing whatever you have to do to survive in the industry, frontman Charlie Starr said.

“That’s just the music business,” Starr said. “None of us are independently wealthy. Before the days of Kickstarter it was like, ‘Well, we can’t stop touring and make an album because we don’t have enough money.'”

Starr laughed, but only because things are going pretty well for Blackberry Smoke as the “Fire in the Hole” tour hits the Neptune Theatre tonight with opener Delta Saints. The band has a new live album and DVD coming out and is planning on heading into the studio later this year to record its follow-up to 2012’s “The Whippoorwill.” They’re also heading back out to Europe later this year and will play in London, Paris and Berlin. 


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