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January 30, 2014 at 8:45 AM

Brett Hamil on battling hecklers and getting laughs in rock clubs

Brett Hamil performs Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at the Comedy Underground.

Brett Hamil performs Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at the Comedy Underground.

There are challenges to performing stand-up comedy in venues not set up for it. Capturing an audience’s attention while the TVs at the bar are showing the Mariners’ game is no easy task and being the person onstage telling jokes while the local team’s season goes down in flames is a recipe for disaster.

Comedian Brett Hamil knows the perils of performing in non-traditional comedy clubs. For the past seven years he’s been doing stand-up comedy in nearly every bar or club in the Seattle area that hosts a comedy night. During that time Hamil’s built a solid repertoire and a strong stage presence that’s now allowing him to venture out onto the road and into venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Hamil allowed me to tag along with him to a gig at VinoBella in Issaquah last year. I remember telling myself that this was not going to go well, but Hamil performed like a seasoned veteran and in minutes turned a stodgy room of wine sippers into a bunch of gut-busting belly laughers.

Hamil will be performing along with headliner Felicia Michaels on Thursday, Jan. 30 through Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Comedy Underground.


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November 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Mike Burns aka Karl Welzein | Comedy Preview

Comedian Mike Burns, aka @DadBoner on Twitter.

Comedian Mike Burns, aka @DadBoner on Twitter.

Comedian Mike Burns, who created the fictional Karl Welzien (@dadboner) on Twitter will read from his book, “Power Moves: Livin’ the American Dream, USA Style,” tonight at the Sunset Tavern.

“Power Moves” chronicles the decline of Welzien from a Dockers and golf-shirt wearing dad to pony-tailed party machine whose main goal in life is peepin’ babes, drinking cold ones and coming up with bold new ideas to cure a hangover.

For the past two years @DadBoner has tweeted more than 8,000 times and now has nearly 150,000 followers.

That success and notoriety on Twitter landed Burns an agent and a book deal. Burns spoke over the phone recently about the character he created and how the popularity of the feed has taken him by surprise.

Q: How much of your own personality is in Karl?

A: The bad parts. Like when you lie and tell yourself everything’s OK, but really you’re at the bottom of a bottle and that OK feeling’s gonna go away really quickly unless you find another bottle to find the bottom of.


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