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June 17, 2014 at 2:24 PM

Buzz Osborne of the Melvins — unplugged? | Concert preview

While most musicians — most people — are dead asleep, Buzz Osborne, who plays Neumos Friday, is already wide awake.

“Most days, I leave before the sun [comes up] and go play 18 holes of golf with the working-class people at the municipal courses around Los Angeles,” he says via telephone from his house in Hollywood. “They just think I’m some weirdo. It’s funny.”


Can this be the same musician who taught a young Kurt Cobain his first few guitar chords and introduced Dave Grohl to his eventual Nirvana bandmates? Never mind practically inventing the sludge and stoner metal subgenres on 1991’s seminal “Bullhead” and ’93’s “Houdini” — to name just two of 19 Melvins LPs.

Yes, it is. And on his new solo album, “This Machine Kills Artists,” (an allusion to Woody Guthrie) he plays acoustic guitar.

Has King Buzzo gone soft?


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February 12, 2014 at 4:34 PM

The little-known link between Shirley Temple Black and the Melvins

Who would ever guess that there was a connection between iconic child star Shirley Temple Black, who died this past February 10 at age 85, and the godfathers of grunge, one-time Pacific Northwest residents the Melvins?


The Melvins' 1992 major label debut, "Houdini," featured contributions from Lori Lorax (Shirley Temple Black's daughter) and Kurt Cobain. (Atlantic Records)

The Melvins’ 1992 major label debut, “Houdini,” featured contributions from Lori Lorax (Shirley Temple Black’s daughter) and Kurt Cobain. (Atlantic Records)

Yet odd as it may seem, Melvins lead singer and guitarist Buzz Osborne dated Black’s youngest daughter, Lori, for four years, during which time, under the name “Lori Lorax,” she also played bass with the group.


Osborne first met Black when the Melvins recorded their first album, “Gluey Porch Treatments,” in the San Francisco Bay Area in late 1986; Black was then dating the album’s producer, Mark Deutrom (who would later join the Melvins himself).


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