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July 14, 2013 at 2:46 PM

Glory on the horizon for Shelby Earl


Shelby Earl celebrated the release of her sophomore album, “Swift Arrows,” Saturday night at Columbia City Theater. Photo by Owen R. Smith.

On her debut album “Burn The Boats,” Shelby Earl reasons that if you burn the boats after a long voyage, you’re already home.

It’s essentially what she did before heading into the studio to record that album, quitting her day job at age 33 and going on all-in on a career in music. She did it, she said, because it was the final step necessary to help her believe in her music and her future as an artist.

Four years after that fateful decision, Earl’s belief has never been stronger. She celebrated the release of her sophomore album, “Swift Arrows,” with a show Saturday night at Columbia City Theater, where the album was recorded the course of eight days with producer Damien Jurado.

Some hauntingly beautiful tunes from songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews and an exuberant hour from brothers Mikey and Matty Gervais got the night started off on the right foot. Finally, Earl, clad in a black cocktail dress, nonchalantly made her way onto the stage and got her set going with “The Seer,” the first song she wrote for her new album.


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