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November 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Mike Burns aka Karl Welzein | Comedy Preview

Comedian Mike Burns, aka @DadBoner on Twitter.

Comedian Mike Burns, aka @DadBoner on Twitter.

Comedian Mike Burns, who created the fictional Karl Welzien (@dadboner) on Twitter will read from his book, “Power Moves: Livin’ the American Dream, USA Style,” tonight at the Sunset Tavern.

“Power Moves” chronicles the decline of Welzien from a Dockers and golf-shirt wearing dad to pony-tailed party machine whose main goal in life is peepin’ babes, drinking cold ones and coming up with bold new ideas to cure a hangover.

For the past two years @DadBoner has tweeted more than 8,000 times and now has nearly 150,000 followers.

That success and notoriety on Twitter landed Burns an agent and a book deal. Burns spoke over the phone recently about the character he created and how the popularity of the feed has taken him by surprise.

Q: How much of your own personality is in Karl?

A: The bad parts. Like when you lie and tell yourself everything’s OK, but really you’re at the bottom of a bottle and that OK feeling’s gonna go away really quickly unless you find another bottle to find the bottom of.


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