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November 3, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Five Seattle Comedians vying for a chance to appear on NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’

NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” has selected five Seattle comedians for call backs in Los Angeles on Nov. 3-4. The five were among 44 Northwest comedians that performed at a showcase at Seattle’s Parlor Live on Sunday, Sept. 28. I spoke to all five Seattle comics about the experience. Additionally, Portland’s Nathan Brannon was also selected for a call back.

Alysia Wood

Alysia WoodQ: You’re on the road more than a lot of Seattle comedians; did that give you any kind of advantage in preparing for this?

AW: The road helps overall, but live shows and TV have different timing and editing. I’ve learned a lot over time from mentors and even watching LCS.

Q: What were your expectations going in? Were you confident or nervous?

AW: I flew in that afternoon with one hour of sleep while having an allergy attack – so I was a mess. I was on 50mg of antihistamines, shaking and couldn’t think. I was mispronouncing words. I told Jubal (Flagg), “I hope I get my speak to work. I mean mouth.” That’s all I wanted.


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May 8, 2014 at 7:00 AM

Gabriel Rutledge: ‘the pizza delivery business is not at all like it’s portrayed in the adult film industry’

Comedian Gabriel Rutledge will perform May 8-11 at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland.

Comedian Gabriel Rutledge will perform May 8-11 at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland.

Gabriel Rutledge has been making people laugh professionally for 13 years.  His dream has always been to be a full-time comedian, an achievement he earned after he quit his successful pizza delivery career in 2000. The Olympia-based comedian won the Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2004 and has been working the road ever since. He will be performing May 8-11 at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland.

Along with touring full-time Rutledge has also managed to balance a healthy home life. He and his wife, Kristi, host a podcast (the Rutledges) where the two trade comedic barbs while examining the inner workings of their family life.

Name: Gabriel Antelope Rutledge

Base of Operations:  The Dirty South (Olympia)

Age:  40

How long have you been performing stand up?

13 years since my first open mic.

What was your first time onstage like?

Terrifying and exciting. I sort of sounded like I was reading a humorous essay, but it went well enough that I was encouraged. Afterward my wife said “That was pretty good, I was afraid it was going to be like that time you sang Garth Brooks at karaoke.”


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