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October 4, 2013 at 1:32 PM

Macefield Music Festival showcases local bands

By Todd Hamm
Special to The Seattle Times

When The Seattle Weekly pulled the plug on its sixth Reverb local-music festival with a full roster of musicians still expecting to play, a group of Ballard-area folks (which includes former Reverb booker Kwab Copeland and KEXP DJ Hannah Levin) stepped in with the intention of continuing the lively spirit of the all-day event, seasoned with a few new ideas of their own.

Though still culled exclusively from the deep well of Puget Sound talent, the lineup for the rebranded Macefield Music Festival was held to 27, down from Reverb’s nearly 60 in recent years. The venues were also kept to a tighter radius, utilizing only three Ballard Avenue staples: Conor Byrne Pub, the Sunset Tavern and Tractor Tavern.


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