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April 12, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Portland’s Mark McGuire a most valuable player | Concert preview

Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire plays Seattle Sunday. Photo by Ken Seeno.

Don’t confuse Mark McGuire with the home run hitter — and admitted steroid user — with the similar name. The Cleveland-born, Portland-based guitarist, headlining Barboza Sunday, is a natural.

The 28-year-old musician creates long, luminous soundscapes using his Fender Lonestar Stratocaster and cadre of time-based effects pedals as both melodic and rhythmic implements.


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October 1, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Progressive indie-rockers Polvo journey to ‘Siberia’ | Album review


Polvo, from left: Steve Popson, Dave Brylawski, Ash Bowie, Brian Quast. Photo by Michael Klayman.

Indie-rock reunions aren’t created equal.

Most often, bands return just long enough to collect their dues and satiate bigger fanbases than they’d left (Pavement). Some do a commemorative one-off, only to disappear again (Slint). Others take a noncommittal, play-it-by-ear approach (The Afghan Whigs).

Then, there are the rare exceptions — those who recapture their initial spark and decide to run with it.

With their second LP since reconvening in 2007 — “Siberia,” out Tuesday on Merge Records — Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Polvo joins Dinosaur Jr. and Mission of Burma on a short list of beloved indie groups back in action, writing and recording new material.


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