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March 25, 2014 at 5:01 PM

The Apache Relay dig deeper at the Tractor Tavern | Concert preview

The Apache Relay plays the Tractor Tavern Wednesday night.

The Apache Relay plays the Tractor Tavern Wednesday night.

Listening to the first moments of The Apache Relay’s new single “Katie Queen of Tennessee,” it’s easy to pick up on the Nashville sextuplet’s pop pedigree in the cloying violin twirl and breezy snare drum. It’s a sophisticated start to their self-titled sophomore album, an 11-song collection full of satisfying, layered moments due out April 22.

“We’re all very inspired by Phil Spector and everything he did with that wall of sound thing,” said guitarist Ben Ford said. “I think on this record we did try to channel a little bit of that, in our own way. Our musical tastes are very eclectic and I think on this record that’s coming out, we thought, ‘This feels right. Let’s go with it.’”


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