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January 21, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Rare performance footage on Doors’ ‘R-Evolution’ | New DVDs

The Doors, ‘R-Evolution’ (Eagle Rock Entertainment)


This collection of performance clips by the Doors offers a fascinating look back at the old school methods a rock band used to engage in to promote their latest release.


"R-Evolution" highlights the Doors' television appearances (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

“R-Evolution” highlights the Doors’ television appearances (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

The Doors were always a group with a touch of menace, primarily embodied in the smoldering sexuality of lead singer Jim Morrison. So it’s a surprise to see the group gamely trading sound bites with Dick Clark on “American Bandstand” (asked why so many good bands are based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Morrison simply replies “The West is the best”) and dutifully making a promotional film of “Light My Fire” for the TV rock program “Shebang” that utilizes painfully obvious imagery (burning buildings, as well as attractive blondes strategically placed on a fire truck).


There were a number of different variety shows on television in the 1960s, and about half of the clips on “R-Evolution” are drawn from such programs. The oddest clip, from the New York City-based “Murray The K” show, Morrison lip-syncs “People Are Strange” in a deserted city square while the other Doors stand around him, lost without their instruments.


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