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January 21, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Slideshow: "Rock Me Like a Herman Cain" Rally with Colbert

CHARLESTON – Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain teamed up yesterday for the “Rock Me Like a Herman Cain: South Cain-olina Primary Rally” rally at College of Charleston in South Carolina. The event was sponsored by Colbert to urge people to vote for Cain in the South Carolina Primary, happening today, since Cain’s name was on…


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January 21, 2012 at 11:03 AM

Hitching a ride on the Cain Train

Herman Cain schools reporters on what American people care about in the press room.

CHARLESTON–Herman Cain fancies himself a man of the people. He preaches, rather than speaks. With his booming baritone, knotted eyebrows and bold gesticulations, Cain’s every word is punctuated with a call to action. No matter who the candidate is, someone needs to keep the voters inspired…and Cain’s nominated himself for the job.

Of course, not everyone wants a performance artist for a public servant. Especially, when his nonsensical campaign videos go viral and his geographical understanding includes imaginary places with an excess of “stan”s. I certainly didn’t take his candidacy seriously. His appeal was a mystery to me.

Not to Nancy McKnew, a boisterous retiree from Georgia. She loved Herman Cain from the very first time she saw him speak. She was very sad to see him drop out.

“He stood for what we stood for,” she said. “He just made sense—which is rare.”


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January 20, 2012 at 5:54 PM

America needs to lighten up. And they need to vote.

The crowd at the Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain rally knew what they were getting into the moment Colbert took the stage. He said he hoped this mob didn’t turn into an occupation because if it did, they would be pepper-sprayed in the politest way possible. After all, this is Charleston.

The event was held in a courtyard in front of Randolph Hall at the College of Charleston. Colbert is a native South Carolinian and he thanked himself for being there, “It’s good to be back home. Whoever said you can’t go home again did not have a friend with a private jet. It was easy.”

Students, Staff and the President at the Rally

Colbert said all these students skipping class gave him confidence that the future of our country was bright. He promised to write them all a note of excuse to get them out of their assignments.

But that was no joke to the crowd of about 3,500 students, staff and community members who were skipping their usual Friday afternoon requirements to be in the audience.


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