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September 11, 2012 at 6:45 AM

Obama team winning the digital campaign, but grassroots want more

The Democratic National Convention last week took on social media and garnered a flood of tweets. But one organizer says the Obama campaign has lost sight of its digital roots of engaging people in local participation.

The “I’m There” Flickr Project for the Democratic National Convention (Photo by Amber Cortes/ UW Election Eye)

CHARLOTTE — The Democratic National Convention was hailed by its leaders as the “most open and accessible convention in history — reaching more Americans than ever before through a diverse set of social media platforms.”

True, absolutely true. But not good enough for some.

The DNC could be found last week on a dizzying array of social media platforms — flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram. A DNC mobile app helped delegates and media navigate the convention and broader Charlotte (though there was no platform for BlackBerry, so I couldn’t use it). There was also a website with an interactive delegate map and a livestream of the speeches every night.

In terms of social media presence, the Obama campaign is winning the race. Consider that the Republican National Convention in Tampa — where the RNC headquartered a social media “Command Center” — was the focus of over 4 million tweets during the convention — whereas the DNC was the focus of more than 5 million tweets by the second day.

But is the Obama campaign truly engaging their base through digital media? Hmmm. Interesting question.


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September 9, 2012 at 7:15 AM

Democratic National Convention: The view from press row

UW Election Eye spent five days on the ground covering Democrats at their national gathering. Here are some reflections and photographs. CHARLOTTE — The Democratic National Convention was supposed to end in President Barack Obama’s address to a live audience of 70,000 at Bank of America Stadium. It did not. A last minute change shifted…


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September 5, 2012 at 5:46 PM

UW Election Eye will live tweet Warren and Clinton speeches

CHARLOTTE — Fellow Election Eye contributor Amber Cortes and I are stationed at the Time Warner Cable Arena and poised to tweet on Sandra Fluke’s, Elizabeth Warren’s and President Bill Clinton’s speeches in real time. Connect with their quotes and our live commentary by following @UWElectionEye and the #electioneye hashtag. The Democratic National…


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September 3, 2012 at 9:00 AM

This isn’t Seattle; on the road to Charlotte and the Democratic National Convention

Atlanta Airport poster

Posters in support of military lined hallways of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia. (Photo taken September 2, 2012, by Ilona Idlis/UW Election Eye)

Our introduction to the South is quick, and enlightening, as we head from Seattle to cover the Democratic National Convention.

CHARLOTTE — When we exited the sliding doors of the Atlanta airport yesterday, the first thing that hit us was the heat. Whoosh. This was Southern heat: oppressive, sticky, humid. It needed no formal introductions. Our Pacific Northwest jeans and sweaters were out of place.

In the concourse we were greeted with billboards sporting evocative photos of soldiers and slogans. This was not SEATAC. “Come Home Safe!” and “Help carry our wounded warriors home” decorated every other terminal hallway. Georgia is a state that houses 15 bases, forts, stations and airfields.

We pondered the disconnect between the South’s staunch allegiance to its military and the absence of the topic in recent political discourse. Times columnist Danny Westneat pointed out there were barely four mentions of the war in all the speeches given at the RNC—and one of them came from the ramblings of Clint Eastwood. Mitt Romney didn’t speak of the troops at all. Our present Georgian surroundings made that omission seem even more garish. We wondered if the message of the Democratic National Convention, where we were headed, would be different.


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