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January 24, 2012 at 2:30 PM

Courting, wooing and winning South Carolina

Jim Griffin, of Greenville, said that he wanted to see Gingrich up close and shake his hand.

“You can’t grow a relationship unless you come into the presence of the one you love,” exhorted Pastor Charles Jackson, at Brookland Baptist, where we attended church on Sunday morning before heading home to Seattle. The pastor was using a metaphor to talk about humanity’s relationship with God, and the necessity of nearness in building and sustaining real community.

But the metaphor also spoke to how Newt Gingrich won over South Carolina this past week. He came down into the presence of South Carolinians. And he wooed them.

A native son of the South, from Georgia, Gingrich seemed to know that he had to court its voters. And woo he did, crisscrossing the state and being seen with and seeing ordinary people.


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