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January 17, 2012 at 1:00 PM

New normals

COLUMBIA– In Sunday service at First Baptist Church, the pastor focused on the value of fasting — that is, abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. This idea struck me as having broader applicability.

All of us, for various reasons, abstain from certain things in life. We choose to go without or deprive ourselves for what we believe are good reasons.

For example, I am a Type I Diabetic. As a result, I try to pass on sweets as much as possible. I abstain to reach my goal of good health.

My decisions to abstain from certain things have created certain norms for me. A distinct normal, if you will.

Being on this trip and covering the primaries has created a new normal for me. I abstain from being my somewhat more introverted self to make myself talk to complete strangers about their lives, politics, and often, religion.

Candidates and their families abstain too. They create a new normal to reach their goals.


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