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May 19, 2012 at 7:18 AM

Obama is many things, but First Gay President?

Newsweek cover of Barack Obama

Newsweek cover of Barack Obama

In the political arena, words and images are powerful. They can make or break campaigns and administrations. Media outlets leverage these words and images which inject them into a national conversation and historic chapter. But words and images that sell magazines are often exaggerated and should be viewed through a critical lens.

SEATTLE — By now, many Americans have seen the Newsweek cover touting that Barack Obama is the “First Gay President.” Author Andrew Sullivan has publicly stated that the title was not meant to be taken literally. But the title, and the accompanying photo, have nonetheless been much fodder for public discussion.

In case you missed the discussion, The Daily Beast has conveniently rounded it up. They noted how Obama has been called the “First Female President” because of his compassionate ways, and how this relates to Bill Clinton being called the “First Black President.”


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