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February 4, 2012 at 6:21 PM

In Passing: La Choza #2 Mexican Restaurant

"In Passing" posts capture shorter snapshots of places and people we encounter on the road. (Photos courtesy of Alex Stonehill, A.V. Crofts and Flickr Creative Commons/UW Election Eye) LAS VEGAS – When we exit the Summerlin Parkway in Las Vegas on to North Rancho Drive, at first the shops and scenery reflect the outskirts of any…


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February 1, 2012 at 6:30 AM

For Romney and Gingrich the fight isn't finished, if history's any guide

It took 35 ballots at the Republican convention of 1880 before James Garfield was finally nominated. He was later assassinated by a disgruntled party member. (Photo from flickr user Cliff1066)

Don’t let Mitt Romney’s win last night in Florida’s GOP primary fool you: the fight for the Republican nomination is far from over, and the delicate dance for delegates is only just now beginning. This detailed graphic from The Washington Post puts things in perspective.

With Romney only at 87 GOP delegates as of yesterday, Gingrich at 26, Santorum at 14 and Paul at 4, all are still nearly two months away from getting to the magic number of 1,144. Especially since it’s not yet clear that he can win the upcoming caucus states, Romney can’t easily dismiss Gingrich’s promise to march on toward the convention in an attempt to replicate Reagan.

Margaret O’Mara, a UW professor of modern-American history, says that Gingrich knows his history.

“He also sees an opportunity, which is that the base simply does not like Romney, and the establishment is lukewarm on him,” she said. “He is paying attention to Barry Goldwater, that is for sure, and he believes he can have a different outcome.”


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January 31, 2012 at 6:30 AM

Mitt Romney Camp outspending Newt Gingrich Camp nearly 5-1 in Florida

In politics, you pay to play. In the case of Mitt Romney and his supporters, you pay handsomely.

Several outlets have reported that the Romney campaign and its affiliated super PAC, Restore Our Future,  have sunk more than $15 million in Florida ad spending alone, compared to Newt Gingrich’s $3.4 million. That’s a combined excess of $18 million — which to put it in perspective, is the same amount as the shortfall Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn had to fill in his 2012 budget.

Romney might have us believe that it’s his ideas (combined with his new debate coach) that are helping him build what is now a healthy double-digit lead in the Florida, where citizens will have their last chance to vote in the Republican primary today.  But compared to South Carolina where Team Romney only outspent Team Gingrich 2-to-1, there is no question that cash influences star billing in the political theater.

And what a theater it is. On the television stage, two advertisements in particular have captured attention. The first comes from the Romney camp, and has surfaced discussion around fair use, because the ad is comprised almost entirely of a news broadcast from 1997, featuring NBC anchor Tom Brokaw:

 Mitt Romney attack ad on Newt Gingrich, from a 1997 NBC Nightly News segment.



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