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February 4, 2012 at 1:21 PM

Romney's Henderson Rally: Locking Down Nevada

HENDERSON — Two hours before a rally here on caucus eve, Metro Pizza buzzed with Mitt Romney supporters, but the owners, cousins John Arena and Sam Facchini, welcomed the throngs with seasoned calm. “We’ve dealt with a number of US Presidents — Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Clinton,” said Facchini with a we’ve-been-here-before look.

So, considering the cross-partisan visitors who had made pilgrimages to “Las Vegas’ Favorite Pizza,” were they Romney supporters?

“I support Mitt Romney,” said Facchini. “He’s a job creator, and so are we.”

Arena smiled and put it more delicately this way: “I’m a fan of the system … I don’t make up my mind who to vote for till the day of the polls.”

The Henderson crowd was diverse — multigenerational families, people of color, groups of women and couples chatted excitedly. They came out to see the man they hoped would replace Barack Obama in the White House.


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