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May 28, 2012 at 3:30 AM

Washington unions provide support, solidarity in Wisconsin

Wisconsin seems like a world away to many in Washington, and not just in terms of mileage. But the ties between union members in the states are strong as they seek to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

An early voting rally was held outside the SEIU Local 150 offices on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Milwaukee, using the iconic imagery of a statue of Dr. King himself as the epicenter. Despite a large union showing and anti-Walker undertones, the event organizers maintained that it was focused on a nonpartisan early voting effort.

MILWAUKEE — Washington and Wisconsin have a few things clearly in common. Washington has the UW, and Wisconsin has the other UW. They also share an affinity for a good local microbrew. And when I was cutting it close to making it for an interview, I was delayed by a lifting drawbridge — it almost felt like home.

And that’s the way union leaders in the two states want it: tight and connected. Especially now.

On June 5 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) faces Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett (D) in a rare recall election sparked by Walker’s move to cut collective bargaining for public union employees.

Washington unions have joined the battle.


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