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January 27, 2013 at 2:03 PM

Live game thread: Oregon at Washington

HUSKIES WIN: Wetmore and Walton let the media in on a little secret about Davis. “She enjoyed getting dressed up this weekend,” Wetmore said of the point guard having to miss two games due to a concussion. “She even told us she had it all planned out.” Walton, who was exasperated after keeping up with the fast Ducks laughed, then added, “She really enjoyed it.” Struting the sideline in a sharp pantsuit (Friday) and red skirt (Sunday) was easier for Davis considering her team being able to find wins without her. On Sunday, Wetmore had a season-high nine assists and zero turnovers, playing the entire 40 minutes of a 66-53 win at the PG slot. Walton added 18 points and 13 rebounds, Kingma had a game-high 20 points with four steals while Williams tallied 10 points and 12 boards. “I thought she (Wetmore) was terrific,” McGuff said. “Talia had a great second half, she was little off with her shooting in the first half, but she played really well in the second half. (Kingma) had a great weekend.  Kass had some really great minutes today.  When Jaz goes out, it is not easy, but it is kind of the mentality of next person in and we had some people step up and do some good things. I am proud of our effort this weekend.” Washington (14-5, 6-2 Pac-12) won its fourth consecutive game and remains tied for third in conference standings. Davis will be reevaluated, again, on Monday but McGuff still questions her chances to return to the lineup at Arizona (11-8, 3-5) this week. Thomas led UO with 14 points while Alleyne had 14 rebounds and seven points. The Ducks (3-17, 1-7) gave up 23 points on turnovers and shot 31.3 percent from the field. It returns to Eugene to host No. 6 Stanford (18-2, 7-1) and No. 7 (17-2, 7-1) Cal next week.

TIME: There’s a break in the action with 9:59 left. Walton is re-entering the game. The Ducks have gone a small 10-5 run to pull within 52-39 after UW’s hot 15-5 start to the half. UO has found pockets inside and out to get some points on the board. The Huskies are still in control and should pull this out for its fourth consecutive win. I’m out to focus on the newspaper version.

SUB!: Walton did the signature tug at the shirt to ask McGuff for a sub. She did disappear for a bit early in the opening half, so perhaps she’s a little under the weather. We’ll see after the game. Williams was sent to the score’s table to replace her but a timeout was called first. It’s 52-34 with 11:57 remaining in the game.


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January 25, 2013 at 6:02 PM

Live game thread: Oregon State at Washington

HUSKIES WIN: “Find a Way” was the mantra at practice this week and UW did just that. Well, it foud Kingma at the free throw line to snag a 81-77 win in overtime. The Huskies were down three points with four seconds left in regulation when Gibson fouled Kingma on a three-point attempt. Kingma made the ensuing three FTs and the first bucket in extra play to help secure the win. Kingma finished with a game-high 29 points, going 15 of 15 from the FT line overall. It ties the UW record for best FT percentage in a game and sets a record for most consecutive FTs made in a game. Amy Mickelson (1989), Giuliana Mendiola (2004) and Kayla Burt (2005) each made 10 of 10 free throws to share the previous record. The FTs were key, but all of UW’s players had to contribute their standard game to seal the win. Walton had 17 points and 11 rebounds. Williams had 11 rebounds, finishing the game in a No. 45 jersey due to blood on her normal No. 23. Wetmore had 12 points and five assists while Corral finished with a season-high 14 points. It countered five players finishing in double-digit scoring for OSU, Bright leading with 21 points and 10 rebounds. The game matched a wild night around the Pac-12. Oregon, Washington’s opponent on Sunday, beat WSU 70-68 in Pullman. Arizona State upset USC 60-53 and No. 7 Cal narrowly defeated No. 20 Colorado 59-56 . It all vaulted UW (13-5, 5-2) into a tie with No. 19 UCLA (14-4, 5-2) for third in the Pac-12. The Huskies have 11 conference games remaining, playing No. 6 Stanford, Cal, Colorado and Utah once this season.

FIGHT?: Anderson is the last player you’d guess to pick a fight on the court, but she didn’t back down when Edwards-Teasley bumped into her and starting mouthing off. Walton pulled Anderson aside to calm her down with 7:46 left in the game. Edwards-Teasley was tagged with a personal foul and technical for a total of three fouls in the game. Anderson was given a technical foul. There’s a timeout and UW is down 55-51. The Huskies are having trouble slowing the Beavers’ offensive and getting rebounds. UW is now shooting 34.8 percent from the field and getting outrebounded 31-24. Anderson and Edwards-Teasley are out of the game and I’m out to focus on the newspaper version of the story. Walton has a game-high 15 points with 11 rebounds. Gibson has 13 for OSU.

CORNER POCKET: Bright has made two baskets from the corner to to keep OSU ahead 53-46. UW isn’t getting any offensive rebounds and leaving holes open on defense.  The Beavers have also contained Corral. Since her flashy three three-pointers in the opening half, she’s only attempted one shot.

OSU LEADS: A quick pass inside to Weisner, who made the ensuing short jumper, coupled with her own follow-up three-pointer has given OSU a 47-44 lead with 13:11 remaining in the game. It’s the Beavers first lead since scoring the opening bucket of the game.


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January 24, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Washington guard Kellie McCann-Smith leaves basketball program

Washington announced Thursday morning G Kellie McCann-Smith left the program for personal reasons. The Asotin, Wash. native missed the first quarter of school for the same personal reason. When asked upon her return, McCann-Smith said she’d be more comfortable talking about her absence after the basketball season. It is unknown whether McCann-Smith…


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January 20, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Live game thread: Washington State at Washington for basketball’s Apple Cup

HUSKIES WIN: Here’s a prediction. By the time Galdeira and Cooks are seniors, WSU will have defeated UW at least once. Sunday wasn’t it, losing 79-72 in a highly entertaining game. Hovering within two buckets of a lead late, Galdeira missed three FTs after being fouled by Corral on a three-pointer. Galdeira also teamed with Presley and Cooks to miss five field goals overall in the final minute to kill any chances of snapping the 36-game losing streak to UW. Kingma saved the win by making five of six FTs late. Davis exited the game with 10:49 remaining and the Huskies down four due to a blow to the head. After the game she said she was fine, but McGuff is going to have her evaluated for a possible concussion. “I’m especially proud of how we battled back, especially after Jaz went down,” said Kingma, who scored 13 of her final with 16 points in the second half. She also had six rebounds and four assists. “And just being low in numbers in general and having people step up who might not have stepped up before,” Kingma continued. “It was huge.” Corral was particularly a game-saver for UW. She played six minutes in the first half, not attempting a shot. Her first in place of Davis was a three-pointer. She finished with nine points, making  3-of-4 three-pointers in a season-high 17 minutes. “Heather is really good, she’s really talented and I’ve almost been waiting for a game like this where she really breaks out,” McGuff said. “As they say, sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. I had to keep her out there and I think that was a really good thing for her and for us.” Corral said the extra playing time was good to get adjusted to the college game, but she also had the bandaging from her broken right hand removed, freeing her stroke. “It’s hard when your floor leader is not out there,” Corral said. “But I felt that Kristi and Cedes (Mercedes) and Talia all had great energy and made me feel comfortable even though it was a close game.” Davis led the team with 18 points. Williams perked up her game to finish with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Presley scored 12 of her team-high 15 points in the second half. Cooks and Galdeira combined for 26 points and 11 rebounds. UW (12-5, 4-2 Pac-12) gets a rest and will host Oregon State (9-9, 3-3) on Friday. WSU (5-12, 1-5) hosts Oregon (2-16, 0-6) next.

BREAK: I’m out to focus on the newspaper version. Time is ticking on UW getting control of this game. The Huskies are down 61-59, letting out-of-state freshmen Cooks (California) and Galdeira (Hawaii) run a muck. Cooks has nine points off the bench. UW is shooting 39 percent in the second half. with 14 assists on 23 field goals overall. Davis is on the bench, not even getting up to join huddles during timeouts. I’ll have more later.

BLOCKED: Noyes nullified a UW steal by freshman G Heather Corral, blocking Kingma’s layin attempt. UW is down 57-53. WSU is still making three-pointers to stay in the game. Bobbles on offense and overplaying help defense has the Huskies in a scramble. Romberg has 13 points for WSU. UW has three players in double digit scoring, led by 18 points from Davis. Daugherty is getting 21 points from the bench in her 12-player rotation. McGuff is sticking to his normal seven-player rotation, Corral only contributing a three-pointer so far.


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January 15, 2013 at 5:58 PM

Live game thread: Washington State at Washington for basketball’s Apple Cup

HUSKIES WIN: McGuff wanted to highlight the defense in the game. I’m a big fan of defense, but ugly offense does not equate good defense. And Tuesday was more of an ugly offensive game by both teams. UW simply was lucky it could hit free throws, making 20 of 28 overall to preserve a 60-53 win on Tuesday. The Huskies’ win streak against the Cougs extends to 35 games. Otherwise, if Sage Romberg or Edmondson, or Galdeira made their three-point attempts in the final 90 seconds, UW’s streak might have ended in a thud. But FTs saved the Huskies and serve as a lesson to any team on how important the shot is to the game. Davis was 9-of-12 from the line while Kingma was 6-of-8 to lead the team. Kingma made 5 of 6 FTs in nthe final 55 seconds to preserve the win. The redshirt senior had 14 points and eight rebounds in her final home game against the cross-state rival. Davis led the Huskies with 21 points on 5-for-15 shooting from the field. Walton had 15 points and 10 rebounds. Galdeira led the Cougs with 14 points and 12 rebounds, but was forced into six turnovers that slowed her team’s momentum. UW (11-5, 3-2 Pac-12) and WSU (5-11, 1-4) face each other again on Sunday to complete the series for the season. “It is odd,” McGuff said of the schedule. “For both teams, we’ll probably have a good feel for what we’re trying to do. From a preparation standpoint, there’s not (more) film to watch outside of tonight’s game.”

BREAK TIME: I’m out to write the newspaper version. It’s 47-39 UW with 7:51 remaining in the game. Davis has 18 points for the Huskies and teammate Walton has 15 points with 10 rebounds. Cooks has nine points for WSU while Noyes has seven. Galdeira has 12 rebounds for the Cougars.

MAKE NOYES: Noyes is finding her way around the smaller Walton to help WSU cut the lead to 43-39. Williams responded with a short jumper, but the Cougs are building some momentum.

COMEBACK?: Cooks hit a jumper to cut UW’s lead to single digits at 40-31. Her team is also keeping Washington to one shot attempts on offensive possessions. The WSU bench and solid contingent of fans behind it are starting to get into the game.


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January 10, 2013 at 2:49 PM

TV Alert: Seattle University game on ESPN3; video from Washington Huskies practice

Seattle U forward Kacie Sowell named WAC Player of the Week

Seattle University ran through its final preparations for its second road game in the Western Athletic Conference. The Redhawks (6-6, 3-0 WAC) sit atop the conference alone. But its opponent on Thursday is New Mexico State (9-5, 3-1) is a tough matchup.

You can watch the game on your mobile devise or computer at ESPN3. com at 5:30 pm (PT). You can also click Aggie for other channels to catch the game in your area.

The Aggies are coached by Mark Trakh, the former Southern California coach. He added USC transfer G Stefanie Gilbreath, who he originally recruited, to the lineup this season. The redshirt senior is averaging a 14.7 points in her first season as an Aggie. Briana Gilbreath, Stefanie’s sister, played for the Phoenix Mercury last summer.

Trakh is in his second season coaching the Aggies. NMSU finished tied for seventh in conference play last year. It’s the first NMSU has played SU, but Trakh and Seattle U coach Joan Bonvicini coached against each numerous times when coached at Arizona.


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January 2, 2013 at 4:05 PM

Washington, Washington State open Pac-12 play on Friday

G Kellie McCann-Smith joins Washington practice

Washington (8-3) opens Pac-12 conference play on Friday against Arizona State (8-4) with a new look — 11 healthy players for the first time this season. Junior G Kellie McCann-Smith was the last to return to the roster, missing an entire academic semester due to personal reasons. Her first practice was New Year’s day but she won’t be available to play until she regains her basketball conditioning.

“I’m not running or doing anything like that, yet,” said McCann-Smith, who went through warm-up and defensive drills on Wednesday. “I’m on the bike and then I’m keeping up (by) just watching them. That (lack of conditioning) has a lot to do with why I was away, but for that, I would be more comfortable talking about that after the season. Right now, it’s being back with the team and seeing how they’ve been doing.”

McCann-Smith transferred to UW from Nebraska last season and was granted immediate eligibility because she made the move to assist in caring for her ill father. She averaged 4.0 points and shot 34.7 percent from three-point range as a reserve.

“It’s been good being back with them and seeing all the progress they’ve made,” said McCann-Smith, who didn’t have much contact with the team while on hiatus. She monitored games via web and online news reports. “They were all really welcoming, so it’s definitely good to be back with them. They’ve been loving and supporting so it’s awesome to come back to that.”

The completed roster, minus F Katie Collier who suffered a torn ACL prior to the season, gives UW coach Kevin McGuff depth in practice but the game-day rotation of eight players may not shift much. G Deborah Meeks is returning from a season-ending knee injury and is a deep reserve with a loaded Huskies backcourt that also includes freshman G Heather Corral, who suffered a broken wrist.


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December 18, 2012 at 1:29 PM

Pac-12 grabs national attention and plans to keep it plus rankings and an ESPN TV alert

The Pac-12 is heading into its final stretch of nonconference play with multiple significant wins it found difficult to nab in recent years. Colorado (9-0) is the latest, jumping into the AP poll at No. 25 after a 70-66 upset against then-No. 8 Louisville (9-2) on Friday. It’s the Buffs’ first national ranking since 2008. The pac-12 hasn’t had four teams ranked nationally in the AP poll since 2006.

Here are highlights of the Colorado upset.


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No. 1 Stanford (9-0) continues its reign as the nation’s best for the fifth consecutive week while No. 8 California (7-1) and No. 12 UCLA (7-1) remain in the polls. The Cards and Bruins combined to defeat modern-day powers Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma. Add Washington State’s upset against then-No. 19 Ohio State on Saturday, Colorado’s win and Cal’s projected win against No. 19 Kansas (9-1) on Friday and it appears the Pac-12 could get more than two teams in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2009.


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December 16, 2012 at 1:02 PM

Live game thread: Idaho at Washington

It’s all hands on deck for Idaho as Washington’s Kristi Kingma splits the defenders in the lane in first half action Sunday. Kingma had 8-points and 14 rebounds for Washington in the 62-48 win over Idaho. (Photo by Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

HUSKIES WIN: When UW (7-2) pieces together a complete game, it’s going to be entertaining to watch. For now, the offense has stalled and the team is relying on grit and hustle to win. That combination buoyed a 62-48 win on Sunday where UW and UI shot below 30 percent from the field. Davis led all scorers with 19 points while Williams had 12 points and 14 rebounds for her fourth double-double of the season. She added a career-high six steals to her stats. Kingma led by example as far as playing well from the opening tip, finishing with 14 rebounds and eight points. Charlston led the Vandals with 15 points and 14 boards before a rowdy cluster of Idaho family and friends in attendance to show support for the three Washingtonians on the UI roster. UW won’t play another home game until the Pac-12 season opens in January. Up next is a tough matchup Friday at Georgia Tech (4-5), which was ranked 22nd nationally  in preseason polls. Idaho (3-7) plays at Gonzaga (9-2) on Thursday.

FOR THREE: Idaho hit a couple of three-pointer to bring UW’s lead to single digits. The Huskies took some time getting it back up giving their shooting percent. With one minute left, the score is 59-48. UW looks to improve to 7-2 all-time against UI.

SINKING: Both team’s shooting percentage is shrinking. UW is still ahead with a 49-35 lead. UI is shooting 28.9 percent from the field, but does have eight assists on 13 field goals.

TIME: UW only has three assists on 15 made FGs, which can tell you what type of game it has been. Idaho has gone back to missing three-pointers, so Washington remains ahead, 38-29. Reserve G Kassia Fortier is the only UW player to see minutes that hasn’t scored. Davis leads with nine and Kingma has seven with 10 rebounds. There’s 13:52 left in the game.


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December 15, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Live game thread: UC Santa Barbara at Washington

HUSKIES LOSE: UW lost 54-46. It outscored UCSB 29-27 in the second half, but unlike past games, it wasn’t enough to conceal shooing 18.8 percent from the field to start the game. Kingma (2-for-12) and Davis (6-for-20) continued their stretch of shooting slumps, Davis leading the team with 20 points. Not that the Huskies were implementing their game-plan in the matchup. “They were dictating our offense for a while there,” Wetmore said of the Gauchos forcing the Huskies into their desired spots on the court.  When the Huskies did force themselves on the game, the lead did drop to five points with less than a minute remaining. UCSB made six of seven FTs to close out the win. Underwood was shutdown in the second half, but finished with 15 points and 13 rebounds. Nesbit jumped in to score 12 of her final 14 points in the second half. Williams (10) and Kingma (seven) led UW in rebounding. The theme is starts, however. UW (6-2) plays again Sunday against Idaho (3-6) and while eager to play to erase Saturday’s play, Kingma reiterated a short bench or quick turnaround can’t be used as an excuse for a slow start or sluggish play. “I think it’s not something we think about, we never think we are going to have a bad start,” she said. “Warm ups feel good. I think it’s just something that mentally to get to an elite team level we just got to pick it up and push through those first eight minutes.” UCSB (4-5) plays at BYU (6-4) on Tuesday.

RESPONSE CREW: UCSB responded to UW’s rally with a 9-0 spurt to put the Huskies back down, 43-33. Nesbit (four) and Melissa Zornig (three) did most of the scoring.

SWATTED: Walton had the best block I’ve seen form a Husky woman in a while. As Nesbit drove to the hoop, Walton rose and smacked the orange off the ball. Walton knocked it forward, to keep the ball in play, and later she made a three-pointer to make the deficit 34-33.

DOUBLE DOWN: Some defensive changes in the second half that are working are a full-court press and double-teaming Underwood. She’s only attempted one shot since the break as UW has gone on a 10-0 run to close within 30-27 with 11:56 remaining in the game. Davis and Kingma have combined for all of the second-half points.


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