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July 8, 2014 at 4:36 PM

Medical-marijuana professionals fear retail regulation

General manager Phoebe Bizzelle and receptionist and bud tender Kate Kinkle of Green Anne pose with a clone in the Queen Anne medical marijuana dispensary.

Green Anne receptionist and bud tender, Kate Kinkle, (left) and general manager Phoebe Bizzell, (right) pose two of the dispensary’s marijuana clones. (Corrected version: an earlier version of this caption transposed the names of the women pictured.)

As lines formed outside Washington’s first legal retail marijuana shops today, a quiet waiting room in a downtown Seattle office building filled with another group of people looking to buy pot.

The Green Wellness clinic is an alternative-medicine center whose business cards say “Medical Cannabis Doctors.”

Keith Gordon, 61, came to the clinic to get re-authorized for medical marijuana. Despite legalization, he said, he doesn’t plan on buying from the retail shops.

“Here [in the medical-marijuana system] there are more choices, more flexibility and the price is easier to control,” Gordon said. “It’s easier to find a supply and go buy it, too, and I don’t want it to be that much harder.”


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